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Loading Data Page using an activity

I want to use an auto-complete field to show a list of employees filtered by characters that user types in the field.  The design that I have in mind is that I will link this field with a data page which will be of Code-Pega-List type and will be defined as follows

In order to implement this I following design in mind

1. The data is sourced from LDAP which is accessible through Authentication Service (Data-Admin-Authservice). I am not sure if there is a "connector" available to get data from an Authentication Service.

2. This means that I must use a function to run this service and get the data.  I guess I will have to use a "Load Activity" to run this function which I don't want to use as Pega doesn't recommend it.

I will appreciate if someone can look at this and let me know if this is a good design or if there is a better alternate way to achieve same

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