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Posted: October 22, 2018
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Local action is not launched of click of button (single Click)

Brief Description
Local action is not launched of click of button
Detailed Description
(1) Button control is configured to have two action onClick (1) run data transform (2) Launch local action
(2) Local action lunch is configured to be launched based on when condition, whose value is getting set on first action (data transform run)
(3) on click value is available and satisfy the condition of local action launch but local action is not getting launched.
Steps to Reproduce
(1) Add button control in section
(2) Configure action on click of button (1) Run Data transform (b) Launch local action
(3) Add when condition for launch local action.
(4) Set value of property in first action data transform run.
(5) Verify the launch of local action (Not working)
Error Message
Not Applicable
Attempted Solutions
Adding refresh after data transform run and before local action launch.
Local action is getting launched but no on single clicks (3 clicks are required) which is bad UX.

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