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Chakri Payyavula (ChakriP8)

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Posted: May 24, 2020
Last activity: May 25, 2020

Local Action Review Harness

I have requirement to show a Read Only version of a Section on the click of a button.

I am using a Local Action and a Harness ViewApproval as shown below.

Local Action and Harness

The ViewApproval Harness calls a Section ApplicationReadOnly (which contains all the Applicant details I need to display in a read only mode).

Flow Action ReadOnly

The ApplicationReadOnly Section itself is made up of many sections.

On this/Inside of this ApplicationReadOnly Section I have a Details button which is to show all the Application Details. Upon clicking the Details Button, I need to launch a FlowAction to show certain data related to that part of the aplicant.

FlowAction Launch


In one of the embedded sections (specifically a Table) I click on the Details Button to launch a Flow Action called  ShowApplicationDetailsReadOnly which uses a Review Harness using 'Open Local Action'. 

Review Flow Action

So until this point,

1. I have called a pop up Harness named ViewApproval,

2. A section within that Harness named ApplicationReadOnly. 

3. An embedded section  within Step 2 (i.e ApplicationReadOnly).

4. Another embedded section inside the embedded section in Step 3 which launches a Flow Action through a Open Local Action in a Review Harness.

The FlowAction is launched through Open Local Action and I have specified my Harness as a Review Harness  AND  the section within the Flow Action is read only.

This is not working in a Read Only mode... The user is presented with Editable sections.

Any idea of why this might be happening and suggestions on how to make my sections Read Only would be appreciated.



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