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Vinod Manavi (vinod_manavi)
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Posted: July 18, 2017
Last activity: October 4, 2018

Localization is not working on click of Link after upgrade

Functionality: On click francias(Link), the portal data should be translated to French. On click, operator ID user locale should be changed and harness should get refreshed. Now operator locale values is changed but data on portal is not translated.

Issue 1 : Authentication Error In activity, we are checking authentication of customer using below java snippet: This is throwing an error PRAuthentication auth = pega.getAuthenticationHandle(); ClipboardPage operPage = tools.findPage("OperatorID"); try { if (!auth.setUserSecurityProfile(pega, operPage.getString("pyUserIdentifier"), operPage)) { nextBlock = "SH"; return false; }}catch (Exception e) {"Error during setting security profile while changing Language!");} Error is "Caught exception: Invalid request"

Issue 2: If we proceed by commenting this step, showdesktop activity is called and portal is getting refreshed but data is not translated. Steps to Reproduce 1. Login to portal 2. Click on francias(Link), we can reproduce the scenario

Error Message "Caught exception: Invalid request" Authentication modification permitted via privileged path only - invalid caller: RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY WORKTOGGLELANGUAGEANDREFRESHSCREEN #20170117T211345.303 GMT 2017-07-11 02:30:03,856 [<>] [OpenPortal] [ ] [tDisputeApp:03.01.01] (ngineinterface.service.HttpAPI) ERROR <>|xx.xx.xx.xx <>- xx.xx.xx.xx: 2017-07-11 02:30:41,482 [<>] [ STANDARD] [ ] [tDisputeApp:03.01.01] (tractClassResolvableConclusion) WARN <>|<> - Rule Resolution should have returned a single rule, but 2 rules were returned

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