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Posted: September 15, 2017
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Localization Unable to Save Export File

Has anyone ever had the localization wizard NOT generate the zip file of values to be translated? I click to download the extract, and it completes, however the file is never sent to my downloads folder. I am in a unique scenario...explained below.

The wizard originally worked fine for me. I am an English speaking developer working on a Spanish speaking application. When the wizard worked correctly, our system was set as the en_US locale.

Recently, I had cloud support update our system to have the es_CR locale. As soon as this happened, the issue began. I understand that you really would never need to translate an application from Spanish to Spanish, however it is necessary for me to develop in English now, and translate it to Spanish later.

As of now, my solution is going to be to keep the dev environment set up as en_US, so I can continue normal development, and then later run the localization wizard. My test, staging, production environments would be set as es_CR, and everything would run correctly.

Is this something that others have run into? Is this something that could be considered a defect, or am I stretching beyond the intended use of the localization wizard?

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