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Posted: August 30, 2018
Last activity: March 8, 2019

Locking mechanism of Pega Marketing BatchOut table

In our project we are using PM 7.22 on top of Pega 7.3.

We have faced a recent issue where the offer flow is still in Wait status even though customer has opted in , offer got activated and IH updated successfully.

This has occured for number of cases for the campaign we recently launched.

While investigating it seems that customer has opted in almost at the same time when next reminder was sent. So for optin the offer got activated and IH updated, however just before commiting the batchout table update to complete the flow status, the DF_Wait started processing the same offer to send reminder,hence it changes override the previous change of Flow status completion.

We looked into the PegaMKT-Work-Offer.ProcessOffer OOTB activity, and we didn't saw any locking mechanism on BatchOut table records leading to simultaneous update possible and loss of data.

Please kindly check let us if this analysis of our is correct or not, if yes is there any fix for this because it is serious concern.



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