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Looking for better Broken Queue tools

In 7.2.2 and up what tools are available to view broken queue items? I'm aware of the landing page under Process and Rules ->Tools->work Admin->Broken queue items but it is not very useful. The main problem is that you can't see the case IDs and errors messages in the list. It requires multiple clicks to open a record to get relevant data. I'm looking for better tools to understand the scope of my broken items from the list

As a hack I wrote an activity using obj-list to get a list of all the broken queue records. I couldn't use a report def because the properties that I needed are not exposed. Instead obj-list just returned the entire blob which I used to pluck out important/relevant data to display. Using params on the activity and some addition logic I was able to create some basic filtering so I could search for errors by application, case type, and error message

I'm hoping Pega has made improvements that I could use instead of my custom code.

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