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Posted: January 29, 2019
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Looking for the correct procedure to externalize prlog4j2.xml file within Tomcat-8.5 serverfor version-8.1.1

We follow the instructions from PDN article- "Tomcat and prconfig.xml"

"prlogging.xml can be externalized by placing this file in the directory that is defined by the JVM System property "user.home" .

*Just define JVM system properties as mentioned below:

**As per the installation guide, you are advised (by Apache Tomcat) to create a custom script where you can append the above mentioned

JVM system properties to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. Also ensure that the user under which Tomcat server runs has read/write/execute

permission to the server filesystem <path> above.

** Our steps, -we created script- and updated has our JAVA_OPTS
- append the abovementioned JVM system properties(-Dpegarules.logging.configuration=<path>/prlog4j2.xml) to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable

-Checked that the User of which Tomcat server runs under has read/write/execute permission to the server filesystem <path> above.
-Restarted the JVM via which calls/loads
-Failed to write logs into new log file location.

Can entry be made within the context.xml file to support the externalization of prlog4j2.xml file ?

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