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Looking for Design suggestions for a Web Application automation which has multiple links


We are planning to implement an automation use case for which we are looking for design suggestions. The use case is as follows.

From WebApplicationA (Pega) we click a claim id and it launches WebApplication B and does a lookup for claim Id. Seems simple however there is a catch. Web application B has set of links for each state (around 15-20) on the landing page. When a claim id link in AppA which belong to a particular state is clicked automation has to click a state specific link in AppB. If the same state claim is clicked again then the session needs to be maintained instead of clicking the link again. This is because each click on a state link is resource intensive and does single sign-on and also does some disk io.

I.e. for example a Texas claim is clicked, automation has to click the texas claim link in AppB. Similarly for other states, state specific link has to be clicked. Once the link is clicked the application navigation to lookup the claim in App B is same for all states.

The design approaches for the link click we have thought of currently is:

1. Interrogate each link (15-20 which can be invoked independently) as separate web adapters and within the automation flow once the link is determined start the adapter for particular state. This approach seems to be cumbersome to create with so many adapters and difficult to maintain.

2. Interrogate the main landing page which has all the links in one screen and create 1 adapter and determine which link to click and launch. This approach we are not sure how to maintain session if the link is already clicked, instead of re-clicking for every lookup.

Appreciate if you have any suggestions or any better way of implementing this usecase.

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