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Posted: February 22, 2017
Last activity: April 14, 2017

Looking for OOTB action for opening a rule in a modal window.


Usecase: I have a tab group, which contains number of tabs where one of the tab contains a dynamic container(replaced work area control) and one more tab contains a repeat grid showing all the skill rules exists in our application. So when user click on a row(skill), configured action "open rule" to open the skill. Skill rule is being opened but it is opened in the tab where dynamic container exists.
But I am looking for OOTB action on the row or any other way of doing it to open the skill rule in modal dialog.

Attempted solution:

Tried Open Url in Window action on click of a skill but didn't worked out.
Configured open URL in a window action, one of the param is activity to run, where i kept "show" activity in which show-html method is uesd to show the skill rule When I click on row, So with this action configuration it opens a window and it gave me 2 buttons Open and History to open the rule. So when i click on open button it opens the skill rule in the tab where dynamic container exists.

Mine is a upgrade application from Pega 6.1 SP2 to Pega 7.2



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