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Posted: February 20, 2020
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Loop through Lookup Table Field Members Extract into list loop

An example of the process I am trying to carry out:

HTML Table :

HTML Table

When text is extracted from the above table it appears as one column: Properties text = *Applicant Miss Nikita Collier*

I wish to then loop through my lookup table headings: 


if the one of the lookup table members is found in the data extracted i.e.


                       String Value = "Applicant Miss Nikita Collier"

                       Seek String = "{Applicant}" *List loop item iteration* 

 if Boolean returns true then replace "Applicant" with "" 

Finally update "Applicant" member within the lookup table to add record "Miss Nikita Collier"

Screen shot of proposed automation flow below:

Automation Flow

I would like to know whether it is possible to loop through the field members of a lookup table which would enable me to "SeekString" as per automation flow and if possible how I would update the correct field member second highlighted mark. 

Any alternative solutions would be much appreciated if this can be achieved in a different way. 




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