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Posted: February 26, 2019
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Looping through DataPage D_pyWorkHistory using For Each Embedded Page

I need to log the pyMemo Property of a WO and for this I am looping through the DataPage D_pyWorkHistory and am trying to retrieve the pyMemo property for each of the pxResults. My clipboard is shown below.


For this, I am calling the 'For Each Embedded Page' in an activity as shown below and my step page is "D_pyWorkHistory.pxResults".

I am unable to access properties on the pxResults page and my tracer is showing the following for the above step.

Not sure why Tracer is showing the following

NoteRDB operation returned result set with 0 rows

Q1.) As my results are already present on DataPage "D_pyWorkHistory" and I have "pxResults" page, why is my activity calling the SQL statement again?

Q2.) More importantly why is my result count zero, when I do have results on my D_pyWorkHistory Datapage for the WO.

Q3.) How do I access any property on the "D_pyWorkHistory.pxResults" page.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

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