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Posted: January 4, 2017
Last activity: July 9, 2017

LSA 7.1.9 PVS - No internet access from the virtual machine - VirtualBox


I have a problem with my VirtualBox settings for the LSA 7.1.9 PVS.

I'm using VirtualBox 5.1.8, tried it with 5.1.12 with the same results. I don't have the option to have a cable connection, so I'm trying to bridge my Wireless connection. I'm on a Lenovo Ideapad Y50 with Broadcom 802.11ac BCM4352 Network Adapter. Using Windows 8.1 Home Premium

On my laptop I cannot acces the internet from my virtual machine. I tried pretty much everything in all other related posts.

  • With bridged adapter I don't get an IP address (http://:9080)
    • Here I tried reinstalling VirtualBox with the parameter -msiparams NETWORKTYPE=NDIS5 as suggested in one of the posts, with the same result
  • ​​​With NAT the virtual machine does have access to the internet, but I cannot connect to the Pega server from my host using the IP address presented
  • Tried having both a Host-only and NAT adapter, same result
  • Tried using Host-only, and bridge the 2 adapters in windows, I can connect to the Pega server but the virtual machine has no internet access

It is a quite pressing issue as I'm taking my LSA second part next monday. The bridged adapter works perfectly on my home pc which is cable connected, but strongly prefer to do it on my laptop.

Any help appreciated


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