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This content references Pega Express in regards to App Studio. The Pega Express product was renamed “App Studio” starting in v8.

LSA Architecture Course: Exercise: Constructing the email application

(LSA course 4. Asset Design and Reuse - Desiging for specialization)

I am trying step 5b of Create the email case type in the case life cycle of Pega Express for the FSGEmail application.

  • Added the Component
  • Removed INT rulesets.

I am unable to find the "When to Send Email" property. I can find that the property is in the imported email component. But during case type life cycle I am not able to select the property under the Fields section as 5a states.

Any help?

" On the General tab in the Step panel, select the Configure view button to open the views dialog. Do the following on the Fields tab:

  1. Expand the Fields section on the left
  2. Drag and drop the When To Send Email property beneath the Add field link. This property is part of the Email Editor component and is used to set a future date and time."
Pega Platform 7.1.1 Low-Code App Development App Studio
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