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Posted: March 15, 2020
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LSA Course v8 - Topic "How to leverage built-on applications & components"

What is a "citizen developer"?

"When citizen developers design and implement applications using APP Studio, they typically include multiple discrete components of functionality. As those citizen developers become more familiar with the business needs of the organization, opportunities to reuse those components in other applications may arise.

To create reusable built-on applications and components from citizen developer built application..."


Also, some of this page seems to lack context. 

An example:  "At the point that all dependencies on the current application have been removed, the Refactoring Wizard (System > Refactor > Classes) can be used to remove “-APP-“ from the case type’s class name. This refactored case type can then be placed within its own application. The original application then defines the new component application as a built on application. Lastly the case type rule within the original application must be restored. This can be accomplished by performing a “bottom up” Save-As for the refactored case type rule to its parent application."

.....there is no context for the -APP- component in the class name as the class name is never given in the page.  Also, since the application structure really isn't given in the page, it's easy to get lost in the final part in bold, above.


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