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LSA VM runs on VMWare but not on Oracle VirtualBox

I am preparing for the PCLSA Application Build exam. I received the advice that VirtualBox is better than VMWare for the build exam because VirtualBox can work with snapshots, shortening the time required to start fresh for each question.

However, VirtualBox fails to run the VM from the CLSA 7.3/7.4 Training Course. I have virtualization enabled in BIOS and VMWare Workstation is able to run the VM. However, the error from VirtualBox indicates it thinks virtualization isn't enabled. Does anyone know what's different between VirtualBox and VMWare in this respect?

I can run the VM from the LSA training course in VMWare Workstation but not in VirtualBox. However, I was advised to prefer The error from VirtualBox indicates it can't use virtualization, even though 1) it is enabled in the BIOS and 2) VMWare runs fine. Do you know what might be the issue?

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