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Maintain consistent real time data across all users

We have a requirement to refresh different sections in same portal in different intervals and display real time data across all users.

Data are retrieved from data pages. In order to maintain consistency we have made the data pages to node level and gave a refresh interval.

This did not work exactly as planned, since different sections can be refreshed on different intervals, and can result in inconsistent data between different sections and users.

Making the data page scope to thread, and checking reload per each interaction also does not satisfy the requirement since, there are different sections that can be individually refreshed, and can display different results.

Below is the requirement to be exact.

There is section 1 and section 2, that will be refreshed in different intervals. The content on the two section are dependent on each other, therefore the data between two sections need to be consistent.

Can you please advise how this kind of scenario can be addressed.

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