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Grant Thompson (grant@VA)
Favor TechConsulting LLC
Grant Thompson
Favor TechConsulting LLC
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Favor TechConsulting LLC
Posted: September 2, 2020
Last activity: September 5, 2020

Maintain work object assignment through duplicate search subprocess

We've included a subprocess shape in our work flow that calls the flow rule, pyDuplicateSearchCases. From the 'Duplicate Cases Info' screen (with the 'Ignore & Continue' option), if the user clicks 'Cancel' or navigates away from the case, the assignment is no longer found in the work queue from which it was retrieved. Also, all of the data on the 'newAssignPage' clipboard page has been cleared. I'm afraid I've exhausted my ability to troubleshoot and my current level of knowledge. Can anyone provide any info regarding how to keep the assignment intact when entering into this subprocess such that the assignment remains in its queue through completion of the assignment?

Thanks in advance,


Pega Platform 8.2.3 Case Management Government System Architect