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Majority Approval Approach

We are using v7.1.9, we have a scenerio where MajorityApproval flow needs to be used.
Requirement is, we have a List of Approvers (who are also Application operators) in a dataPage from whom we need to get majority approval and who ever approves first should be the Primary Approver party for the case.

Questions is:
1. What is the approach to automatically add Approverslist operators from data page to WorkPage WorkParty ? (in Workparty rule we defined Approver role is repeatable). Is there a OOB activity i can call in loop to add OperatorsID's as Workparties (repeatable)?

2. After i have all parties populated, I can call MajorityApproval flow, but how to set first approver as primary approver ? Customization to flow required ?

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