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Managing updates to shared project code across packages

We are looking to implement a multi-project structure in our robotic automation solutions/packages where there would be a controller project and multiple other projects in the same solution. These other projects are each responsible for interaction with a different system.

Setting up this structure is easy enough, but my question is about how to handle the distribution of updates to these 'system projects'.

For example, if we have a system project called 'Siebel' (for handling all automation interaction with Siebel) and that project is used in multiple different solutions/packages, when the Siebel project needs to be updated (bug fix, or new interrogation, etc...) what is the safest method of updating all of these solutions/packages with the updated Siebel project?

Can the project simply be deleted from each solution and then re-added from the updated version of the Siebel Project?
Is there a better way to handle this?

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