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Posted: December 5, 2017
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Many possible issues in one, please check one by one to see if it is a real issue.

This is all about: "Lead System Architect (Beta)"

I am aware this is a beta training, so let's see how far I can get on it. And I hope I get some kudos with you if I get stuck later on.

Here are some stones to be kicked out of the path of the ones coming before me:

Possible issue 1. When making this post on:; the drop down by courses does not offer a course with an exact name as the course I am doing: "Lead System Architect (Beta)". It is rather confusing as the drop down offers: "Lead System Architect (7.1)" and "Lead System Architect".

Possible issue 2. Usability issue: when doing this training it is aparently impossible for a search robot, not even to say to a human to navigate from the trainining to an exact page with the drop down mentioned above is already selected to post some feedback for the training. Ideally on every page for the training we could have a wiki like behaviour that users/students can post feedback right on the page. As another bug is: there is no possibility to navigate from this post to the exercise or course page I am talking about on the post. THis will take several clicks. The reverse way also takes several clicks.

Possible issue 3. On the first exercise where you say: "2. Launch the New Application wizard.". It would be nice to say that it is on the application menu.

Possible issue 4. On the first exercise where you say: Log on the email application as Author.FSGEmail. It should actually be Admin.FSGEmail and please hint the student on the password which is "rules".

Possible issue 5. Where you write in the first exercise: [[["In the Application record, add the EmailEditor_20170814T145312970 version 01.01.01 component. You can do this manually or by selecting Manage components and enabling Email Editor version 01.01.01."]]]. It is not clear where the "manage components" is, I mean (to be clear) in which of the many pega portals and menus in the galaxy it is. I ended up doing this via the records explorer; application, edit application.

Let's see how far I can get on this training before asking your help.

Regards, Andre' Cesta

Pega Academy
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