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Joris Claus (Jorre)
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Posted: January 21, 2021
Last activity: January 28, 2021

Mark outgoing mail in lower environments to distinguish them from PRD environment.

OOTB Pega sends out mails e.g. when @users are mentioned in Pulse messages, but we also send out a lot of customised mails during case lifecycle. The problem is, these mails are also being sent to the final recipients in lower envronments (D/T/A), thus creating the risk of being treated by the recipients as would they be production mails.

What would be the best way to mark the mails being sent from these lower environments as TEST.

What I was thinking about is

  1. create a system setting containing some watermark image containing the url to a (DEV/TST/ACC).gif (and an completely transparent gif in PRD environment)
  2. adding this background to all outgoing mail
  3. intercepting the mails from the mailserver end so everything coming from servers x,y,z is being routed to a test mailbox
  4. Adapt Pega somewhere so final recipients are being replaced with a dedicated mailbox (but then you lose the original recipients name/address...

Is this a good approach? How would you do it? Are there better ways to achieve the same (or something similar)?

Thnx for your feedback! Looking forward to learn from you.

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