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Mashup not working as expected in 7.2.2 with CSFS


I am trying to do the following using a web mashup in Pega 7.2.2 but facing challenges in getting the expected behavior:

Embed the CSFS interaction portal home page as a web mashup (not the entire portal but the userDashboard only). When the user would click on the assignments from the todo / workbasket/ recent list it should open up the interaction / service cases in a new mashup ( another gadget in the web page). This is not working as expected. The assignment does open in a new gadget (using actiondefinitions on the previous gadget) but once the case is submitted the screen goes balnk on the new gadget. I would like the interactiondriver to be loaded as it happens in a normal Interaction portal.

Another major issue is to have the pega gadget PUSH information to the main web page and have it refreshed each time a new interaction case is either created or opened from the assignment link.

This has been a major challenge from technical validation perspective as well. Can anyone suggest a way to handle these? I understand that there are a limited set of functionalities available with the mashups and it is not possible to access the CPM js objects from the mashup code.

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