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Master XSD including all properties in a case

We are working for a banking application for which we have a few case types.There is a requirement to generate an XML with each property for each case (for a particular case type) when it is completed in production. We have been able to provide this using a BIX extract rule. We are extracting an XML for each case and that is serving the purpose.

However, they also need one single XSD using which they will be able to read each and every case that could possible by generated. We have been able to provide them the XSD for each case. However, since the XSD is generated for only the properties populated in each case, each XSD may be different and may have definitions of attributes that the XSD for another case may not have. Hence the XSDs are dynamic in nature. This is not acceptable to them since they want only one XSD that will have the definition for all the all the attributes for all cases for a particular type.

We cannot define the XSD manually since it is almost impossible to find out a list of all the possible attributes that can be used in a case. Even if we manage to do it once, it will have to be updated manually each time a property is added.

Has someone come across such a requirement before? If so then how did you solve it. Also, if someone has some ideas using which this can be achieved, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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