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Posted: 8 months ago
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Math.divide function is throwing errors.

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to calculate the Fee(in %) with the input of Fee and Loan Amount. Yes it's simple. But the Math.divide function is throwing errors in the Expression  Builder.

Formula used: Fee(in %) = (Fee*100)/LoanAmount.

I've written the following expression in the Expression Builder.


When clicked on the Test at the Top right corner of the Expression Builder, it's showing error as 

"Cannot evaluate the expression: @Math.divide(.AdministrativeFee,.ProposedLoanAmount)"

Error occurred in the Expression Builder on click of Test button at the top right.


Both the fields are decimal only.

Tried alternatives as:

1. @Math.divide(toDecimal(.AdministrativeFee),toDecimal(.ProposedLoanAmount))

2. @Math.divide(.AdministrativeFee,@Math.divide(.ProposedLoanAmount,1))

But none worked.

Could someone please help me with this..!


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