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In-memory join

Is there any out of box feature where we can perform an in-memory join?

For example:

I have a set of web services which provide raw data and data types back to pega in key-value form, such as <someKey>1234</someKey>. The key value has a UI label in a separate reference data page, such that 1234 = "my field description"

The way for us to display the description is essentially to loop through the reference data page, for each key, to identify the description.

Had the service data been part of the same database, then it would be very easy to perform a join to get this info. However, if two sources are externalized, we have to iterate for each key to get the proper label.

What i'm looking for is the ability to, connect 2 pages based on key.



.someProperty = 1234



.key = 1234

.desc = "my Label"

and have, possibly a resulting page, if 2 pages joined on .someProperty = .key



.someProperty = 1234


.desc = "my Label"

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