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Memory usage question


I have two questions regarding Pega's memory usage.

#1. Customer claims Pega uses a lot of memory (app server) comparing to scratch program in general. Is this a fair statement?
This is a very subjective and ambiguous comment, and I understand it is difficult even how to compare Pega and scratch in what way, but is this still same feeling that people kind of agree? Or does Java program in general use lots of memory than other programming languages? Since Pega loads a lot of out-of-the-box pages and properties in clipboard by default, maybe Pega is in general heavy? Just want to know people's perception and any insight is appreciated.

#2. We are implementing an application where users log in as guest thru the Internet. Since the number of users will become very high, I need to know how exactly Pega releases memory at app server side. We are not implementing a log off button as this is via Internet with SSO, but in that case, Internet user would close the Pega window by browser close button. How exactly will memory or session between app server and user be released? Does it make any difference from explicit log off?


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