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Merge Branch Ruleset Version

The branch merger by default selects the highest ruleset version in the system to merge in to.  Normally, this is great.  I have the following scenario though:


App 01.01.01 sees up to version 01-02

App 02.01.01 sees up to version 01-05


When I am logged in to App 01.01.01, the merge wizard selects the next highest version in the system (01-05-02) and NOT the highest that my current app is able to see.  From what I can tell, there is no way for me to easily merge into my desired ruleset version (01-02-02), other than first creating the new ruleset version, and then selecting that version from the dropdown.  The text box on the right of the dropdown is only a label, so updating that does nothing.


Has anyone else ran into this, and if so, is there a hotfix, or a simple rule that I can private edit and/or override?  Is this addressed in later versions of the product? 

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