Merging rules to release version from branch changed the pzInsKey 7.1.9

Hi All,

In Pega version 7.1.9 we see a strange behavior related to Branch and Merge concept where the original pzInsKey of a rules changes if there is merge of new changes done from a branch ruleset.

1. Rule A exists in the release version 1

2. Save as the rule to a branch.

3. Modify rule(optional)

4. Merge the rule back to the release version 1

5. The original pzInskey of the rule is modified to a new one!!

This is definitely not the behavior in the newer version of Pega. (We tested in 7.2.2 and in this version the original pzInsKey is preserved in the release version even after multiple merges)

This definitely seems to be a bug and not a "feature" as multiple deployment to Test environments will always run in to Duplicate Instance Check while deployment.

Does someone know if this was a bug in 7.1.9 and is fixed through a hotfix?

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