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Microsoft Office 2010 is not present

Hi guys,

I am currently in progress to update MS Office 2010 to MS Office 2016.

Currenlty, I reinstalled MS office 2016 and updated the studioconfig.xml file as below.

<add key="OfficeVersion" value="2016" />

However, I am still get the "Microsoft Office 2010 is not present" error when loading the openspan file in Robotic Runtime.

I have found a smiliar issue here

and saw the resolution => In studioconfig.xml​, I have changed the office to 2013 from none and copied the office 2013 to toolbox and rebooted the system then it worked for me.

However, not sure what is needed to copy the office 2016 to toolbox as the resolution suggests above.

Could you guys give me instructions how to copy the office 2016 to toolbox?

Thank you so much!

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