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Joewono Widjaja (JoewonoW)
Macquarie Group Ltd

Macquarie Group Ltd
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Macquarie Group Ltd
Posted: May 26, 2020
Last activity: May 26, 2020

Migrating auto-generated rules in high availability systems


We are upgrading our Pega 7.1.9 into Pega 8.4.1. Based on the upgrade document (pega-platform-84-upgrade-tomcat-mssql_0.pdf), there is a post upgrade task about 'Migrating auto-generated rules in high availability systems'. In this step, we need to find out the Class name. • Class name represents either: ◦ The name of the class for a rule type that you want to export. ◦ A wild-card pattern, such as parent class name (for example, Rule-), used to export all the rules belonging to the Rule- hierarchy, including its descendants.

Where do we find the class names that we need to upgrade?



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