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Posted: September 16, 2016
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Migrating secure connectors - keystores

When secure connectors are migrated between environments (i.e. Dev > Test > PreProd > Prod) the keystore data instance has to be updated - and sometimes also the truststore: Keystore data instances have to be opened and replacement keystore files have to be uploaded. If you are doing this arms-length e.g. using customer's nearshore IT team, all steps have to be described in minute detail in release notes/change instuctions. If you have several connectors that's a lot of updates to be done (and described).

One obvious way around this would be to use GRS in connector truststore/keystore fields: Then pre-prepared keystore data instances for all environments can be supplied in the product (assuming keystore files containing certificates are available ahead of time), and your GRS-load data transform can assign the right one depending on environment. However connectors do not appear to support GRS in these fields :(

What other best practices does the community use to support migration of secure connectors across environments?

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