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A misconception in the SSA 7.2 course about Work Groups and Workbaskets. How many workbaskets could a work group have?

The text and the image is from the Pega 7.2 SSA Course, Creating Organization Records:

In the following example, the Onboarding work group is associated with the Human Resources (HR) unit and Training unit. Because each unit has its own default workbasket, the work group contains both workbaskets. Operators in the HR unit and Training unit are associated with the work group and share work. One operator in the Accounting work group is also associated with the Onboarding work group. This allows the operator to share work with the other operators in the Onboarding work group.

I have some doubts around:

1) "Because each unit has its own default workbasket the work group contains both workbaskets".
First of all I should mention that I've researched the "Unit" unit of the course's Pega environment. And I'm fully aware, that there're no appropriate fields for a WB's name.
Even more, the organisation and the division don't have the field.

2) "Because each unit has its own default workbasket the work group contains both workbaskets".
I've reviewed some work group and figured out that each of them has a lone workbasket. Then a work group is able to store more WBs? And along with the first case that statement is completely impossible.

I got that every operator ID contains:

1) it's organizational unit
2) a work groups list

So, some ID's could be in a unit, and the participants could refer to the same work group. But it doesn't mean that one operator from this unit in not allowed to have another work group. Am I right?

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