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Posted: February 14, 2017
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mistake in practice exam CSSA 7.2?


Question 3

An application rule lists the following application rulesets, in order:
  • RulesetA:01-05
  • RulesetB:02-03
  • RulesetC:01-17-50

There are five instances of a section rule named EnterClaimDetails in the rules cache as shown below:

Applies to class Ruleset & version Availability
Org-Div-Work RulesetA : 01-04-02 Available
Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim RulesetB : 01-02-01 Blocked
Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim RulesetC : 01-17-99 Withdrawn
Org-Div-Work RulesetB : 02-02-01 Available
Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim RulesetC : 01-09-12 Available

When a user runs the application, which version of EnterClaimDetails is selected during rule resolution, when processing a fraud claim?

Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim - RulesetC:01-17-99
Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim - RulesetC:01-09-12
Org-Div-Work - RulesetB:02-02-01
Org-Div-Work - RulesetA:01-04-02
Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim - RulesetB:01-02-01
Question 3 in the Application Design part of the exam, handles about rule resolution. According to the solution the selected rule is Org-Div-Work-FraudClaim - RulesetC:01-09-12. In my opinion this rule should be removed from the cache, because the other rule in RulesetC is withdrawn, shares the same ruleset and the same class.
I think that "Org-Div-Work - RulesetB:02-02-01" and "Org-Div-Work - RulesetA:01-04-02" are equally qualified (the only ones left), and that the resolution would end with a duplicate search. Is this reasoning correct, and thus a mistake in the exam? Thank you.

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