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ML8 on WAS7 and Oracle crashes


I am trying to setup a ML8 instance with WAS is the latest fixpack) and Oracle 11g. Everytime I restart it fails to startup. I tried the following options

1.       Cleaning up the cache.

2.       Connected the db to tomcat and found it to be working fine. So, now issues with the Oracle rule base

3.       From the exception I see it is related to Search Indexing. So stopped the indexing from Search landing page. This time it did started up, but crashed in few minutes.

Attached is the Thread dump file and I see the following exception from elastic search.

Thread Name  PegaRULES-Search[clusterService#updateTask][T#1]

State   Runnable

Java Stack at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/lzf/impl/UnsafeChunkDecoder.copyUpTo32( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/lzf/impl/UnsafeChunkDecoder.decodeChunk( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/lzf/impl/UnsafeChunkDecoder.decodeChunk( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/lzf/LZFCompressedStreamInput.uncompress( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/CompressedStreamInput.readyBuffer( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/compress/ at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/xcontent/XContentFactory.xContentType( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/xcontent/XContentHelper.convertToMap( at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/xcontent/XContentHelper.convertToMap( at com/pega/elasticsearch/index/mapper/DocumentMapperParser.parseCompressed( at com/pega/elasticsearch/index/mapper/MapperService.parse( at com/pega/elasticsearch/index/mapper/MapperService.merge( at com/pega/elasticsearch/cluster/metadata/MetaDataCreateIndexService$2.execute( at com/pega/elasticsearch/cluster/service/InternalClusterService$ at com/pega/elasticsearch/common/util/concurrent/PrioritizedEsThreadPoolExecutor$ at java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask( at java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor$ at java/lang/

Native Stack No Native stack trace available

Rajiv Nistala will you be able to shed some light here


Sudarsan M

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