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Posted: October 15, 2019
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Posted: 15 Oct 2019 6:53 EDT
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Modify Word document attached in a case in Pega 8.3

Hello Support,

I have the following requirement:

At the creation of a case, I have to attach an external document (word) into the Work Object, and allow the User to modify directly this document in Pega without downloading it. I did manage to save the document into Pega as attachment by using a Java Object property and the "AttachToWork" activity. But now I am trying to edit this document directly in Pega and I can't figure it out how (I did an extensive research in Pega Community). I did use the "EditAttachment" local action but when I click on the attachment I want to edit it simply does not do anything: the "Show-HTML" method inside the activity does not seem to work. I have read that this functionality might be related to Silverlight, which is about to be decommissioned. Also the "Snowbound viewer" does not allow editing of a document but only viewing it.

Do you know any way we can directly modify a word document in Pega 8.3? It's an extremely important requirement from the customer side and it does seem quite strange that such a basic functionality is not achievable easily with Pega.

Thanks for your help!


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