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Posted: January 6, 2019
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Monitoring Campaign Execution


Since there is a limitation in Pega Monitoring process, I like to enhance the monitor process via Activities and JAVA.

Some examples of activities that we need to monitor:
1) List of campaigns that are to be executed daily,
2) Suspending recurring campaigns when our customer base is not refreshed,
3) Notify user when a recurring campaign failed,
4) Notifying user of the completion of campaign,
5) Notifying user when all emails or SMS are sent in a campaign,
and the list can goes on.

I scanned the database and I am only gather these 3 tables: pgdata.mkt_work and pgdata.pr_data_corr_sms, and pgdata.pr_data_corr_email.

1) pgdata.mkt_work
From what I see, this is the main table for the scheduling processes.
a) How can I list the campaigns that are to be executed today?
b) What mkt_work.pystatuswork should I set the campaign to if our customer base is not able to load in time?
c) Follow on with (b), when our customer base has been refreshed and our campaign can proceed with the execution, what is the mkt_work.pystatuswork that I should set it to?
d) What is the mkt_work.pystatuswork should I look up for if the campaign failed, so that I can notify the user?
e) i) What is the mkt_work.pystatuswork that I should lookup for if the campaign completed?
ii) What is the mkt_work.pystatuswork that I should lookup for if the multi-stage campaign has completed a stage for the day?

2) pgdata.pr_data_corr_sms and pgdata.pr_data_corr_email
I planned to write triggers (upon insert and delete) in the 2 tables to output the data to another tables, so that I can determine whether all SMS and emails have completed sending.
a) how can I link the SMS/email records to the campaign?
b) Is it possible to decode the SMS/email message so that I can send it to the marketing user?

If you find that some information is not suitable to be broadcast, please send the detail instruction/explanation to my login ID. We really need to build in these monitoring processes, otherwise, we are not able to act proactively whenever there is a issue, and it will be a chore for us to do the follow up.

I really hope I need not have to wait for 1 month plus to get a response with a short/brief reply.


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