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Monitoring specific REST services in locked rulesets

Refering monitoring article here:…

You can define essentially 2 levels of monitoring services:

  • via DSS, where you can monitor ALL rest services (if DSS = true)
  • via Service Package, where you can monitor ALL monitor-enabled rest services (enabled via Service-REST rule)

The issue is when you need to enable monitoring on environments OTHER than development (ex. SIT/UAT is having performance issues, or inconsistency with service result, so need to enable monitoring). In this case, your deployed rulesets are locked, and we cannot make code changes on those environment. With the above 2 cases which are available irrespective of ruleset lock status, the only realistic monitoring option is to monitor all REST services, which is fairly resource-heavy and quite wasteful.

Is there an available approach (in P7.3.1) where only a specific Service-REST rule can be monitored without any additional development effort (assuming initial configuration is enabled for monitoring) and without having to maintain an unlocked ruleset?

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