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More validation questions

A reservation process allows customers to reserve a flight, hotel room, and rental car as part of a travel itinerary. Which configuration displays a check box to allow users to select travel insurance only if the itinerary includes a flight? A. A visible when condition applied to the check box B. An action set applied to the check box C. A declare expression configured for forward chaining D. A validate rule applied to the flow action

I am confused between A and B. But will go with B. Anyone can confirm ?


A data page holds product information and has the Reload if Older Than field set to 30 minutes. The data page is created at 7:43. The user then performs the following actions: 8:10 the user refreshes the product information 8:45 the user refreshes the product information At what time is the data page reloaded? A. 8:10 B. 8:45 C. 8:40 D. 8:13

I believe the answer for this 8:40 . Reload 30 mins after first refresh which would be 8:10 + 30 = 8:40. Or is it D 8:13 ?

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