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Posted: September 27, 2019
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Most Active developer

Hi can you please suggest a simplest way to get the most active developer .

I am joining Data-rule-summary with Rule-History and getting number of actions grouped by developer. Now i have to apply a MAX on counts and then find which all operators' count matches max count. How we achieve it using report definitions.

I am trying to do a equivalent of below sql query using report definition and subreports.

with TEMP as (select V.pxUpdateOperator operator,count(H.pzINskey) CountUpdate from mnprule.pr4_rule_vw V, MNPDATA.pr4_history_rule H where V.pzinskey=H.PXHISTORYFORREFERENCE
and V.pxupdatedatetime is not null
and V.pxupdatedatetime > sysdate -7
and V.pyclassname is not null
group by V.pxUpdateOperator)

select * from TEMP where CountUpdate = (select Max (TEMP.CountUpdate) from TEMP)

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