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move declare index rule from one class to another


I want to move my declare index rule from 1 class to another (it was created in class Data-A, and now it should be in class Work-A)

On "indexes" tab in "source page context class" field I put Data-A (as it was before), but in the field "source page context" I can`t put pagelist from Data-A class, because Pega automatically put Work-A context as Primary class.

When I tried to add a new page on "Pages&Indexes" tab (I`d add DataModelClass of class Data-A) and on "indexes" tab in "source page context" field put something like DataModelClass.PageListName(), Pega told me, that I missed a leading dot.

So what should I do? If I try to use pagelist (defined in Data-A class on "source page context class"), Pega automatically changes context on Work-A class, but if I add a page from "Pages&Indexes" tab, Pega told me, that I missed a leading dot.

The reason for move declare index from class Data-A to Work-A is because I moving Report rule from Data-A class to Work-A class (and this report using that declare index in some joins)

I use 7.2.2 designer studio

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