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Moving from Websphere to Tomcat

Hey all,

Components in our current Pega Infastructure are reaching end of support (our version of RHEL) and as such as we're reviewing the stack to understand the options available to us.

It seems that we've come down to two options:
- Pega 7.3.1 and Websphere 9 (RHEL 7)
- Pega 7.1.9 and Tomcat 8.0 (RHEL 7)

Either one of these choices introduces additional complexity to the upgrade in one form or another.
We're currently on Websphere

We have enough information to explain a Pega upgrade to the client at a high level, but my first question is around moving to Tomcat 8.
What changes would we likely need to make to the Pega application as part of the move from a more complex application server (Websphere) to a more lightweight web server (Tomcat)? Key points we've noted are:

  • We use JMS MDB Listeners for Message Queue monitoring
  • In addition to the PEGA_DATA and PEGA_RULES schema, we have an addition PEGA_WORK schema which is often updated within the same transaction as the PEGA_DATA schema. As far as I understand this required distributed transactions which are currently managed by WebSphere?

Question #2 - In a complex banking environment is there a preferred choice between Websphere and Tomcat, based on the above information (or does it not generally matter)?

Question #3 - Again based on all the above information, would the Pega 7.3.1 / Websphere 9 combo be advisable, or the Pega 7.1.9 / Tomcat 8 with a future Pega upgrade?

With thanks,

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