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MSOGenerateExcelFile deprecated in Pega Infinity any example using pxGenerateExcelFile?


We had couple of activities using MSOGenerateExcelFile and we had to modify one of them after moving to 8.2

We found that MSOGenerateExcelFile is now deprecated and we are supposed to use pxGenerateExcelFile.

Since both function have almost same parameter we tried to switch to the new version but it failed with the following message.

The uploaded file template could not be recognized. Please upload a valid file. Refer to template for details.

Same activity work perfectly with MSOGenerateExcelFile.

I'm unable to find any activity using pxGenerateExcelFile to see how it work and in the other end I find a lot still using MSOGenerateExcelFile (In agile studio 8.2 for example it's still widely used)

Is there any working example we can see on how it should be used?

Thank you

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