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Posted: May 30, 2019
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Multiple Chrome Profiles (User-Data-Dir) - v8.0.1111


I'll start with why I need this, and maybe there's a simpler way to achieve my end goal.

I'm trying to automate clearing the cookies for chrome. The cookies are secure, and so can't be modified to expire at a prior date via javascript, effectively clearing them. Directly editing the Cookie sqlite database will only work if all instances of chrome accessing that database are closed. Since our users have multiple pages/tabs opened through chrome that they are potentially working with, we can't force closing them.

So my solution to this was to start chrome with the argument: --user-data-dir="<SomePath>". Then force only that instance of chrome to close, allowing me to access the Cookie db at that user-data-dir path without worrying about other instances of chrome locking it.

This works for clearing the cookies, but what I've noticed is that the plugin will only attach/recognize to the first user-data-dir loaded. This is reproducible in interrogation, if I launch Adapter-A with no arguments, and then launch Adapter-B with a different user-data-dir, Adapter B does not recognize its page, but Adapter A does (see attachment, Adapter-A had loaded and matching). The inverse is also true, launching Adapter-B first causes Adapter-A to not recognize (or other pages loaded under this user-data-dir). It seems the plugin only associates with the first user data directory it's launched with.

Any help with either automating clearing cookies for chrome (we can't disable them for that site, the site will not function with cookies disabled), or getting the chrome adapter to recognize multiple user data directories would be appreciated. We're currently using v8.0.1111, but if there is a fix for this in a later version, that would also work, as we are in the progress of upgrading to SP1.


-Chris Fischer

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