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Multiple Database Tables mapped to a Single Concrete Classes?

Greeting, Pega experts,

We have a typical Teacher-Students-Person scenario.

Let's say we have one Class called Teacher, containing Columns like TeacherID, IC No, Name, DOB, Salery, YearsOfTeaching etc.

There is another Class called Student, containing following Columns: StudentID, IC No, Name, DOB, LastScore, DateOfEnrolment, etc.

Can we store common columns,"IC No", "Name" & "DOB", into a Database table called "Person"?

Here is my thought:

Could we create a Person Class in PEGA, containing those properties incl. "IC No, Name & DOB".

Then let both Student & Teacher class inherit from it.

Then specify "External Mapping" for Student and Teacher classes.

Is it doable? How to configure the table joining?

I know that report definition can be used to form Data Pages, but when we set it as "Editable", will Pega know which table to update, and how to update?

Data Integration
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