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Posted: March 20, 2018
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Multiple Robots on Single VM and single robotic environments

Hi Team,

Is it possible to run multiple robots on single runtime environment and on single VM?

Let me explain with an example, I have developed a RPA solution. This RPA solution is a web service.

This web service Performs below steps.

  1. Takes OrderID as input
  2. Logins into the Siebel Application.
  3. Searches the order by taking orderID as input.
  4. Retrieves X and Y values.
  5. Outputs X and Y.

Assume if 20 consumers invoking this Web Service simultaneously. Do we need to have 20 VM ? or can we run them on single VM in parallel .

Appreciate if anyone can provide prompt response.

Please note that we are not using Pega Robotic Manager.


Suresh M.

Robotic Process Automation
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