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Multiple service calls of Robotic Automation exposed as Web service


Suppose I have created an automation which is exposed as Web service. The automation when triggered via Web service opens up a web browser for Legacy system, fetches required data from screen and sends as response to caller consuming the web service.

Now this automation runs on a Robotic Desktop RD1. If I have a user application in D1 accessing the web service exposed by Robot in RD1 and it takes a minute to perform all the steps and send the response back. In the same minute if D2 having a user application programmed to invoke the same web serivce in RD1 tries accessing it, what will happen? Will RD1 be able to serve two requests (D1, D2) at once?

If not is there a way this can be acheived by using only one RD and any number of D? other than calling the services in sequence? Can it be used for requirements like these?

Or is it required to have one RD for one D, meaning for no of user desktops accessing the automation I should have those many Robotic desktops?

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