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MultiSelect Field - focus moves to top after Upgrade from Pega 6.x to Pega 7.1.8

We are using Multi Select Custom Control which is brought over from Pega 6.1 to Pega 7.1.x. We noticed a strange behavior wherein whenever user scroll down in select box and make a selection , after few seconds control gets reloaded and focus moved to top of the Select box. Users are confused and thought selection did not happened at all. Note that same control works well in P6 version. On mouseout event we are making a asynchronous call to Activity to append the selected list to value list. Below is piece of code. Ideally focus should not move up and stay with Selected List item in the Box.

var oSafeUrlForList= new SafeURL("ClassName.ActivityName");
oSafeUrlForList.put("ValueListName", handle);
var strReturn = httpRequestAsynch(oSafeUrlForList.toURL(),null, 50, 100);

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