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Rob Jago (Rob_Jago)
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Posted: May 5, 2019
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My 10 reasons for attending PegaWorld2019

PegaWorld 2019. This will be the fourth year in a row that I have attended this event. The event continues to grow year after year. The excitement and anticipation of what is going to be announced and presented each year always grows daily until the event starts. For those that haven’t been to one, I thought I would put together 10 reasons why you should consider going.

  1. Excitement: The anticipation of what you are going to learn and see is always a driving force in wanting to go. The more information you see posted to social media from Pega employees continues to give insight into what is coming.
  2. New product features: The Tech Pavilion is by far one of the more larger locations you will find in getting access to Pega and partner booths where you can learn from experts or by undertaking hands on steps to learn about many of the features of the Pega products and features.
  3. Partner creativity: see how Pega Partners are using different Pega product(s) to innovatively solve business domain problems.
  4. Client success: clients have business problems but they also have vision and strategy to address those problems; see how they leverage Pega to improve and meet the business outcomes they desire
  5. Networking: There will be over 5, 000 people from different parts of the world with different experiences/knowledge to interact with to learn many things. You won’t be able to remember the names of all that you meet so bring your business cards to discuss items after the event.
  6. Varying aspects of industry represented: if your industry isn’t represented, there will be plenty of scenarios that could be applied to your industry or even better, perhaps you could be the industry leader by leveraging some of Pega practices and/or products.
  7. Information overload: there are so many sessions to take in, it gets very overwhelming. The one track that is always beneficial, hallway, is always diverse and increasingly valuable. Having most of the sessions recorded, also helps catch up with that information after the fact. Given all of this, you will need a few days to digest what you take in for this event.
  8. All in one location: As of now, all of the activities for the conference have been in one hotel (this might not last forever) but having it one location helps with learning, access and more importantly maintaining the ability to continue to network with others. Of note thought, it’s a large spot so you won’t have any issue with meeting minimum steps per day with your personal fitness products.
  9. Access to experts: industry specific get meetings (Sunday) and Monday lunches help discuss some of your questions with leading experts or other people in your same industry.
  10. Work hard, learn hard, play hard: After attending this conference, you get a strong understanding about the Pega culture: Work Hard, Play Hard. In my personal outlook, I also have the Work Hard, Learn Hard and Play Hard. You will notice that Pega also supports the Learn Hard construct as well by providing certification test taking capability, workshops and all day training day for hands-on learning possibilities. You will also find the Play Hard constructs in the later afternoon and evening entertainment each night.

Now, you have the 10 reasons for why I am going. I hope these reasons resonate with you. If they do, see you at PegaWorld 2019.

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