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Mystery query to pr4_rule_vw that does not show up on a global db trace

MSSQL DBA reports a query that runs periodically and takes a long time in the DB. The query takes very little time when run from MSSQL tools.

Checked SendStringParametersAsUnicode - that seems fine.

Went looking in alerts and could not find the query.

Enabled global db trace for a bit. Could not find it

What is this?   

SELECT pyClass AS "pyClass" , pxInsName AS "pxInsName" , pyRuleSet AS "pyRuleSet" , pyRuleSetVersion AS "pyRuleSetVersion" , pxUpdateDateTime AS "pxUpdateDateTime" , pyLabel AS "pyLabel" , pyRuleName AS "pyRuleName" , pyClassName AS "pyClassName" , pyRuleAvailable AS "pyRuleAvailable" , pyCircumstanceProp AS "pyCircumstanceProp" , pyCircumstanceVal AS "pyCircumstanceVal" , pyCircumstanceDateProp AS "pyCircumstanceDateProp" , pyCircumstanceDate AS "pyCircumstanceDate" , pyRuleStarts AS "pyRuleStarts" , pyRuleEnds AS "pyRuleEnds", pxInsName as "pxInsHandle" FROM Rules.pr4_rule_vw WHERE pxObjClass = 'Data-Rule-Summary' AND ( ( pxInsName LIKE '%LOCALREQUIREMENTS%' ) AND ( pyClass NOT LIKE 'Rule-AutoTest%' ) ) ORDER BY pyRuleName

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